Who we are

The social cooperative AMPAST was formed in January 2009 following the will on the part of the founders to create a working reality in which we could pursue the general interest of the community to human promotion and integration of citizens belonging to the categories weaker.

In particular, through its selection, training and placement of qualified personnel for nursing and social care in affiliated hospital centers for the elderly and sick in situations of special need, has created a service network qualified and ready to meet the most critical needs.

The cooperative has been able AMPAST then create a reality on the ground working closely with Don Gnocchi Onlus Foundation, meritorious institution operating in the care sector, by inserting into its own staff and going to meet the demands of professionalism in the field nursing within the departments of greater criticality with the presence of patients comatose and vegetative.

The cooperative AMPAST then meets the dictates enshrined in art. 1 L. 381/91 letter. B, relating to the inclusion of socially disadvantaged workers, applying their integration programs and job training in the field of labor force coming from non-EU countries and therefore, due to language problems and cultural integration, most in need of time and attention to achieve a profitable business standards.

In 2010, it filed an application for membership of the association ConfCooperative of the Lombardy Region, demand that has been accepted in the first months of 2011 to be doing so today AMPAST adhering to the same association and in particular to Federsolidarietà.

From the point of view of governance, the AMPAST cooperative maintains the figure of a Sole Director, in office until resignation or revocation by the shareholders' meeting, which holds the powers of ordinary and extraordinary administration: its powers are, however, limited to 'interior of ones that are the dictates inserted in the Regulation and in the articles of the cooperative itself.